Sheffield Metal Roofing

Sheffield has long been synonymous with steel and metal fabrication but in recent years it has also become known as a centre for metal roofing. As a material it is very well suited for this purpose being both strong for load bearing, resistant to corrosion and also light and cheap. Living in Yorkshire means that all building processes and materials must take into account the Sheffield weather. Lots of rain, wind and winter snow mean that without great building and roofing materials, problems can soon arise. This is why metal has become so popular in recent years for building fabrication.

Light and cheap roofing solutions

Although traditionally British roofs have been made out of tile and slate Рnowhere seen more clearly than in the endless rows of Victorian terraced housing Рtoday people are looking towards cheaper, lighter and more modern alternatives. Modern design techniques and architectural styles favour other kinds of roofing material and metal in particular has become the material of choice. Local Sheffield roofing companies have increasingly turned to local expertise to give them a better alternative.

Using Local Sheffield Steel

And so we now have a renewal of interest in local Sheffield steel as a great source of roofing for the Yorkshire community. Locally made and produced and great for the task it was designed for. From Barnsley to Leeds and Manchester the trend is spreading and before long there is no doubt that this kind of roofing product will become more and more in use as local businesses seek and adopt new building materials. As a roofing contractor ourselves we know how expensive repairs and patches can be for our customers and invariably for our suppliers too. Without new innovations and locally sources materials we are stuck with the same old tile and slate.

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